Some People Do It on Purpose.


Even though most women on Tamoxifen are glad of the increased odds of survival and the feeling of security when they take it, I doubt any of them would take it if they didn’t have to. Female bodies need estrogen and not just for the girly bits. Estrogen, for instance, plays a role in collagen synthesis which is important for tendon health and also makes your face looks young and plump. Thankyou Tamoxifen, BTW, for ripping all the plumpitude out of my face.

Some men are unlucky enough to be blessed with man boobs, or “moobs”. While that’s not nearly as scary as cancer, it must be embarassing; something along the lines of a woman growing a beard. Oh and BTW, thankyou Tamoxifen for that little gift too. Tamoxifen is often prescribed for “moobs” or gynaecomastia to give it its proper name.


Some of the men who take Tamoxifen, however, have developed “moobs” as an occupational hazard, i.e. they are bodybuilders who take anabolic steroids and one of the side effects is breast development. To counteract the effect of their black market steroids, they take black market tamoxifen. Where, one wonders, does one get black market Tamoxifen? Because I’m not sharing mine, I need it! But there is another way to get your Tamoxifen. A company called PharmaLabs makes a bodybuilding supplement called Estosupress and there, on the label, cunningly disguised as its IUPAC name, is Tamoxifen.


Bizarre! This raises so many questions in my head about what people are willing to do to their hormones!

Now, back to the experiment. After 4 weeks of hard diet and exercise I have lost…drum roll please…500g! Yep! That’s it. I checked my calories, carbs, protein, salt…all fine. Perhaps Tamoxifen is going to win this battle, or perhaps I am still on the newbie weight plateau but I won’t know unless I push through to the end, so pushing through I am. 9 weeks to Christmas. Apparently, this week I need to hear some third party affirmation to give me the impetus to keep going1. Well “Mum, I think you look a bit skinnier from the side” will have to cut it.

Weight: 58.1kg

Pill image by Kerem Yucel


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