The Bone Broth Band Wagon


You may have noticed that the hottest new trend in health food is Bone Broth. No? Well it’s taking America by storm1. People now eschew their lattes and head for the broth shop for a cup of, allegedly, health giving stock. Enthusiasts are called ‘brothers’ apparently.

The quite unscientific, but not illogical, argument is that bones and their connective tissue contain all the ingredients to make bones and connective tissue, duh!, so if you drink a cup of bone broth, with all those lovely proteins, minerals and vitamins dissolved in it, you’ll build stronger bones, cartilage, teeth, nails and hair. Not to mention, since collagen comes from skin, plumper skin.

A month or so ago when I started squatting and lunging again, my poor old, estrogen deprived knees complained and groaned and well, hurt! I quickly consulted Dr Google, who told me that that is very common amongst those who lift weights and that I should take collagen. There is such a thing as soluble collagen (a.k.a gelatin) that doesn’t set your smoothie2, but it costs a bomb, so I turned to bone broth. It’s dead easy to make. You just fling bones and vegies into a crockpot with water and vinegar, put the crockpot outside so it doesn’t stink the house out, and come back in 24 hours. Strain out the bones and vegies and refrigerate. Next day, scoop off the fat and then I add 100g of miso for salt and umami. My knees complain less now, but who knows if that’s the broth, adaptation, or a placebo effect. I’m really looking forward to plumper skin!

Now then… the weekly weigh in! This week the scales grudgingly but convincingly turned downwards. I lost a respectable 400g! Woo hoo!

According to the trusty survival guide3, this week I should be wondering if I can keep this up.  Well I’m pretty confident that I can keep it up until Christmas, but is this really sustainable? Can I continue to steel myself against the temptations of trans-fat and sugar for the rest of my life, or will the stress be too much? Can I put aside an hour most days for workouts for the rest of my life? I think to make it sustainable, I need to focus on the health benefits of exercise and the fact that even a small raise in BMI correlates with an increased risk of recurrence4.

Weight: 57.7kg

Broth image Esmée Scholte


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