The Workouts


Well my diet tweak was a bust. Turns out that a banana for breakfast provides an important, ummm, shall we say “biological stimulus”? So back with the banana. I wasn’t happy eating less than two serves of fruit a day anyway.

Since Women’s Health Magazine urged me to examine my “program” last week, that’s what I did. Apart from the banana/egg/banana fiasco, I decided to replace my two rest days with “active rest days”, which means either a short HIIT workout or a brisk walk. And I looked at my weights routine and decided I could do with more bench presses and overhead raises. Those are “essential exercises” according to one online pundit, so I added another 5 sets to my biweekly weights workout; chest press, flys, overhead raise, lateral raise, pilates 100s.

So here we are … the workouts

Saturday, Tuesday: 55 minutes of weights workout with about 5 minutes of stretching. This is my main muscle building workout. I do 8-15 reps of each movement and, if I can do more than 12 with good form, I increase the weight at the next workout. I have a pair of dumbells, a bar, a swiss ball and bunch of plates. The ball works as my bench, which can be a bit hairy when I get into a chest press position while holding 16kg of on my bar.

Most people would think that bench pressing 16kg is a bit naff, but I don’t want to injure myself, and I want to be optimistic about my ability to complete a workout and not be so tired that I can’t do tomorrow’s. Little by little the weights increase for each movement.

Sunday: This is another 44 min weights workout but the focus is more on cardio. I use lighter weights and higher reps. I think you’d call it a circuit.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: HIIT skipping. 5 minutes warmup in front of a youtube video, 15x20sec skipping intervals with 40 second rest. 5 minute cool down video.

Thursday: On Thursdays I have to be at a nearby park for my daughter’s running training. This particular park has a TGO gym, so I run once around the park (about 500m) and then jog between stations, doing 5 minutes at each cardio machine and 12 reps on each resistance machine. Its much better than sitting around on my lardy backside watching the kids get fit.

Now then … the weigh in. On Saturday I caught a glimpse of 57.3kg on the scale but then I thought it would be a good idea to eat a boggin’s load of sushi that my friend made for us, followed by cake. This is what’s known as a cheat meal and it’s considered an essential part of a body transformation program. The idea is that you reassure your body that calories and carbs are forthcoming and stop it putting itself into starvation mode. It also has the effect(in theory) of lowering tummy-flab-promoting cortisol, which may be raised due to the stress of dieting and it makes the rest of the week more endurable if there is one really pleasant, gut stretching meal to look forward to. All nice in theory, but now I am back to 57.6kg, same as last week.

Weight 57.6kg

Weights image Nathaniel Dodson



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