10 Excuses to Eat Something I Shouldn’t.


Well, I confess, I’m having trouble getting back into the healthy lifestyle mindset. Here are some of my excuses for eating that Lindt ball, biscuit, bread and peanut butter etc.

10. I fell and bumped my nose.

True story. I tripped over some boxes, banged my nose on another and immediately ate three of my Mother-In-Law’s melting moments. They’re only small though. 

9. I deserve it.

Well that’s what the advertisers would have you believe and it’s hard to resist the idea, but do I really deserve to eat too much sugar, fat and salt than is good for me and put another 100 grams on my bottom ?

8. I’ve earned it.

My husband was painting this week and, at every meal, announced he was working so hard that he needed a lot of extra calories. He was most surprised that he put on weight. People always underestimate how little food corresponds to exertion and tend to reward themselves with pleasurable foods.1

7. I’ll lose my temper.

Ah, yes, the so called “Hangries”. It seems I’m not the only person who loses their temper when they’re hungry, but I find that eating just three times a day reduces the “Hangries”. Go figure!

6. I’ll just have half.

I suppose half is better than a whole, but it’s still something. It also drives the other members of the family mad when I pinch half their treat!

5. My metabolism will run down.

That used to be the received wisdom; if you don’t eat all the time your metabolism will come to a halt and then you won’t be able to eat anything at all. That little myth has been put to rest by various studies. Being hungry, it now seems, is good for you.2

4. I need to eat or I won’t be able to insert activity here.

Actually, this is  a legitimate excuse…sometimes, but usually when I start to tell myself this I’m walking around the supermarket or watching television. i.e. I’m being exposed to images of food.

3. Everyone else is eating it!

Another tough one to overcome particularly when the person doing the eating is slim, but, by and large, there does seem to be a correlation between what’s going in a person’s mouth and their size. 

2. I lost weight yesterday so I can have something tasty today.

I guess this is a variation on eating after exercise but has no logic at all. If I lost weight yesterday, wouldn’t it be a good thing to keep it off today and capitalise on my achievement?

1. It would be rude not to eat.

This is the hardest excuse to fight because it is the most legitimate. You can’t go to dinner with people and not eat. That would be rude, indeed, so I count meals when I eat for social reasons as “cheat” meals and keep them to no more than one a week.

So all those excuses have been gambolling in my head for the last couple of weeks, making it very hard to get back to the work of losing weight and building muscle. I did, however, manage to lose the 400g of Christmas weight and another 100g.

Weight: 55.9kg


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