You Can’t Out-train a Bad Diet


This is a favourite maxim of body builder types and this is why. A big mac has 563 Calories. To burn that off someone my size needs to run  for an hour at 10kph (6mph). I don’t know about you, but I cannot run for an hour at any speed! 

Having fries with your burger? You’ll have to run another 5km I’m afraid. That’s hard work and people typically underestimate how many calories are in food, and how many they burn in exercise.

At the end of your 15km (that’s almost 10 miles) run I’d be feeling pretty hungry. Time to refuel after burning all those calories, after all, tomorrow you can do it all again, except tomorrow I’d be feeling pretty crummy after eating Maccas and wouldn’t feel up to much at all. Maybe a good recovery snooze after all my exercise.

So why exercise at all?

Because if you diet without exercise your body will burn lean mass as well as fat and it will even start taking mass from your bones, next thing you know, you’ll be on the bathroom floor with a broken hip. On top of that, muscle looks nice. Muscle is firm and smooth. Young people have muscle and strong people have muscle. So food should be the fuel for your exercise, but not too much!

Weight today: 54.7kg

Balance Image Griszka Niewiadomski



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