Keeping it Simple


I am a lucky lucky woman. My husband is in lurv with his BBQ. The author of the Primal Blueprint asserts that there are certain behaviours that reinforce our evolution and activate certain genes. For example, we have a pleasure response to sitting in the warm sun, because we need sunlight for vitamin D production. Well, I think men are programmed to have a hormonal response to the smell of charred meat, how else do you explain the male love affair with the outdoor cooker?

How does this make me lucky? Well I don’t have to cook meat since my cave man got his WeberQ, but I do have to make the vegies.

Once upon a time I would scour the recipe books, and later the websites, looking for new, delicious and nutritious meals, but not anymore. Now I subscribe to what I call “The Retro Diet”, or meat and three veg. The problem with many of the delicious recipes on  and its ilk is that so many of the recipes rely on sweet and salty sauces for flavour. I have 6 simple meals and I just vary the vegies. For instance, one recipe is onion fried in butter, some passata (I try to get the brand with no salt) and a big pile of vegies which vary according to the season. Then I might throw in some chickpeas. The troops don’t seem to mind the lack of variety and, somehow, these simple recipes seem even more delicious than the fiddly ones I used to make.

Now, I have sad news. I put on 700g this week; the biggest setback since I started this blog. I think there are a number of factors; a quirk of the scales, retaining water in the hot weather, but the biggest factor is that I got complacent. I was losing weight without thinking much about my diet and exercise and it caught up with me. So, a wake up call! And probably overdue.

Weight 55.4kg.

Burger image by Julia Freeman-Woolpert



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