Keeping It Simple Too.


No I don’t mean you should eat cornflakes. Cornflakes may be simple, simple carbohydrates, that is, but despite what Kellogs would have us believe they are not the best. Keeping your workouts simple, however, is.

Some people, I’m told, enjoy going to the gym. They find it motivating to switch into gym mode, put on their workout clobber and tootle off for a workout. Others find the expense of a membership motivation to exercise, but not me. The smaller the psychological and physical barrier to getting my workout done the better. So this is my gym…


When I’ve finished, the whole lot (except the ball) goes back in the box. I don’t have to travel anywhere because it’s in my lounge room. It’s cheap and, if I want to, I can workout in my undies. Although that can be awkward if the postman comes to the door.

In addition to the weights, I have a thick mat, a pair of runners and a skipping rope. Skipping takes place in the courtyard. On top of weights and skipping, most days I get a good bit of incidental exercise going up and down the hills between here and the local shops.

Now for the weigh-in. After the disappointing weight gain last week, I threw myself into my weight training with renewed vigour which resulted in a further 500g gain due to inflammation of my muscles, just like my first set back, way back in September. Eeek! Fortunately it has come off again, so I’m back to 55.2kg.

Cornflake image by Klaus Post



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