Experiment #2


Having announced a few posts ago that I had reached all my weight loss goals and was searching around for new fitness goals, I decided to buy some cheap fat calipers from ebay. Fat calipers, it turns out, are really hard to use in an objective and reliable fashion, especially if performing the measurements on yourself. None the less, after much pinching and squeezing I decided that my suprailiac fat measurement is ~13mm which puts me at about 27% fat. By adding in a thigh and triceps measurement and using an online calculator, I got a result of about 25% fat.

That’s OK, but it’s not really considered lean, and on top of that, although I am now a size 8 in Target sizes, I’ve discovered that another major retailer, Cotton-On, requires me to lose another 2cm off my waist to fit into size 8 jeans.

So can I defeat the tamoxi-tummy and significantly reduce  that suprailiac fat measurement? Losing weight and losing fat are related but not exactly the same thing. It is possible to lose weight without losing fat and to lose fat and gain weight.

With that in mind, I picked up my weights with renewed vigour, swapped out skipping for sprint intervals and gave myself a  sore bottom, a.k.a. delayed onset muscle soreness, which resulted in a 400g weight gain, just like when I started this blog.

This is bad. Since my weight hit a low of 54.2kg following a migraine, my weight has been steadily increasing and I am back to 55.3kg. Now it is the festival of buns and chocolate, just to try my will power.

So wish me luck with Experiment #2 and stand by to see the next exciting installment in the Girl vs. Tamoxifen.


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