Resistance is Not Futile.


In a previous post I referred to a paper that studied people who were trained with either endurance or resistance (weight lifting) regimes. The subjects then swapped to the other mode of exercise, endurance or resistance, after 2 months of detraining. In this study, everyone’s VO2max, a measure of cardio fitness and endurance, responded to either the resistance training, or the endurance training (and most people responded to both).

I thought this was a curious result considering that the workouts we call “cardio”, and which we traditionally do to improve our cardio fitness, are usually of the aerobic/endurance type, while the purpose of weight training is generally thought to be to “tone” the body.

So I decided to do a little experiment of my own.

I borrowed my husband’s heart rate monitor, which has the ability to record a graph of heart rate over time and, using the online tools, you can compare two workout sessions. I performed one leg workout, squats, lunges, deadlifts etc., and then, a few days later, a sprint session.

Here are the results.

training comparison
The blue line is the sprint training, the red line the weights workout.

The first thing some of you will notice is that my heart rate is kookily high. Don’t worry, I’ve had it checked twice and both times the diagnosis was “kooky high heart rate”. Each time I borrowed the heart rate monitor it gave my husband a little message telling him he’d hit a new fitness high, much to his disgust.

The first four blue peaks are 100m sprints, the last two are 50m. My heart rate was already high from running 200m.

I guess it is not surprising that the two lines look so similar, after all, sprint training requires a lot leg strength,  but it’s nice to know that while I do my weight training I’m also giving my heart a decent workout.

Weight: 54.7kg



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