Why I Avoid Restaurant Food

Avoid this type of food if you want to lose weight

The other day we had a friend over and we thought it would be nice to take him to a restaurant. The meal arrived and the serving was enormous and the food salted to the point you could barely taste anything else. The next day we all felt like zombies. Continue reading


The Golden Rule


There are a lot of rules in our house about eating, none of which are religiously adhered to (except the no caffeine rule). Why, for instance, is there  bread in the house when we are supposed be anti-refined-carb? If “sometimes food” is only to be consumed on Saturdays, why does Saturday seem to start on Friday night? There is, however, one over arching guideline that dictates these rules, even if the rules themselves aren’t always followed, and that is,

Food manufacturers do not have their customers’ well being at heart.

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There, but for the Grace of …


Like many others, I’m sure, I was saddened to hear of Olivia Newton-John’s recurrence last month. For those that don’t know, Olivia Newton-John is an Australian entertainer who became world famous for playing Sandy in the movie, Grease.

Cancer seems to have it in for Australian singers. There’s Kylie, Olivia and Delta Goodrem, and whenever I hear of one of these ladies it makes me very sad for all the other people battling cancer without the world cheering on, whereas really, anyone battling cancer deserves a little mention in the paper, I think. Continue reading



It seemed that moment I started taking Tamoxifen, that most places on my body became pudgier, but my face became gaunt and lined. This is just another one of those menopausal symptoms that seem to come on faster and more dramatically for those on Tamoxifen.

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Resistance is Not Futile.


In a previous post I referred to a paper that studied people who were trained with either endurance or resistance (weight lifting) regimes. The subjects then swapped to the other mode of exercise, endurance or resistance, after 2 months of detraining. In this study, everyone’s VO2max, a measure of cardio fitness and endurance, responded to either the resistance training, or the endurance training (and most people responded to both).

I thought this was a curious result considering that the workouts we call “cardio”, and which we traditionally do to improve our cardio fitness, are usually of the aerobic/endurance type, while the purpose of weight training is generally thought to be to “tone” the body.

So I decided to do a little experiment of my own.

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Hurrah For Pink Buns!


No I don’t have a cold bottom, I’m talking about Pink Buns from Baker’s Delight, a national chain of bakeries in this country. Every year in May, Baker’s Delight sell special pink buns, and the proceeds go to the Breast Cancer Network Australia. Today the buns came on sale for 2017.

Aha! I hear you say, another case of “Pink Washing”, and normally you’d be right to be sceptical, but not in this case.

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