Resistance is Not Futile.


In a previous post I referred to a paper that studied people who were trained with either endurance or resistance (weight lifting) regimes. The subjects then swapped to the other mode of exercise, endurance or resistance, after 2 months of detraining. In this study, everyone’s VO2max, a measure of cardio fitness and endurance, responded to either the resistance training, or the endurance training (and most people responded to both).

I thought this was a curious result considering that the workouts we call “cardio”, and which we traditionally do to improve our cardio fitness, are usually of the aerobic/endurance type, while the purpose of weight training is generally thought to be to “tone” the body.

So I decided to do a little experiment of my own.

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Hurrah For Pink Buns!


No I don’t have a cold bottom, I’m talking about Pink Buns from Baker’s Delight, a national chain of bakeries in this country. Every year in May, Baker’s Delight sell special pink buns, and the proceeds go to the Breast Cancer Network Australia. Today the buns came on sale for 2017.

Aha! I hear you say, another case of “Pink Washing”, and normally you’d be right to be sceptical, but not in this case.

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Progress Report

Well, a picture paints a thousand words, or so they say, so here is a picture of me in my size 10 jeans (left) and size 8 (right).  (See the table below for international size conversions.)

Sam 2 sizes

Although I lost about 1.8kg since Christmas, I put 800g back on, giving a net loss of 1kg. However, you can see from this picture that even a small weight loss combined with muscle building exercise can make a significant difference to one’s appearance. It has also made a big difference to my confidence. To be honest, I’m rather chuffed with myself.  Can I say that in public?

Weight: 55.0kg

US 4 6
UK 8 10

Experiment #2


Having announced a few posts ago that I had reached all my weight loss goals and was searching around for new fitness goals, I decided to buy some cheap fat calipers from ebay. Fat calipers, it turns out, are really hard to use in an objective and reliable fashion, especially if performing the measurements on yourself. None the less, after much pinching and squeezing I decided that my suprailiac fat measurement is ~13mm which puts me at about 27% fat. By adding in a thigh and triceps measurement and using an online calculator, I got a result of about 25% fat.

That’s OK, but it’s not really considered lean, and on top of that, although I am now a size 8 in Target sizes, I’ve discovered that another major retailer, Cotton-On, requires me to lose another 2cm off my waist to fit into size 8 jeans.

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Please Respond!


If you ask a body builder or an advocate of the primal lifestyle they will probably tell you that “chronic cardio” is a very bad thing. The body builders will tell you that steady state cardio will result in  very little fat loss and quite a lot of muscle loss. The primal advocates will tell you that endurance cardio is just plain bad for your heart, not to mention your hips, spine and every other joint in your body. Mark Sisson maintains that we are simply not designed to run for extended periods of time, however, over at the debate rages as to whether 100miles of training a week is enough, or too much.
So where does the truth lie? What is the cause of this disparity in opinion?
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