The Workouts

Saturday, Tuesday: 55 minutes of weights workout with about 5 minutes of stretching. This is my main muscle building workout. I do 8-15 reps of each movement and, if I can do more than 12 with good form, I increase the weight at the next workout. I have a pair of dumbells, a bar, a swiss ball and bunch of plates. The ball works as my bench, which can be a bit hairy when I get into a chest press position while holding 18kg of on my dumbells.

Most people would think that bench pressing 18kg is a bit naff, but I don’t want to injure myself, and I want to be optimistic about my ability to complete a workout and not be so tired that I can’t do tomorrow’s. Little by little the weights increase for each movement.

Sunday: This is another 44 min weights workout but the focus is more on cardio. I use lighter weights and higher reps. I think you’d call it a circuit.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: HIIT skipping. 5 minutes warmup in front of a youtube video, 15x20sec skipping intervals with 40 second rest. 5 minute cool down video.

Thursday: On Thursdays I have to be at a nearby park for my daughter’s running training. This particular park has a TGO gym, so I run once around the park (about 500m) and then jog between stations, doing 5 minutes at each cardio machine and 12 reps on each resistance machine. Its much better than sitting around on my lardy backside watching the kids get fit.